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The path of luthier Giacomo Ciavatta towards the construction of musical instruments was directed by his musical studies and by legacy of craft of his grandfather. He started building his first instrument at age eleven quickly realizing an original design. He continued gaining even more experience by repairing and customizing friends instruments and then, after many years started production at Helios in 2008. The objective today is to build aesthetically unique instruments, minimalist in style with a great sound.

All instruments at Helios are extremely functional, ergonomic, lightweight and easy to play. In the construction of an instrument all facets of the final design and the attention to detail is taken into account. The interaction between combinations of timber, mechanical parts and pickups are always balanced with each other’s experience.


Constant focus is given to the improvement of each product line of instruments such as the Evolution and the Spellbinder by building new prototypes, testing new solutions and subjecting test results with professional musicians that always guarantee the most important feedback.

The mission is to give the musician a reliable instrument, made ​​entirely by hand.

The majority of our customers are professional musicians who all become proud endorsers of Helios. We have excellent relationships with schools and music teachers in our area. We make great efforts to distribute the Helios product into the European and international market.